Bear Lawyer Oversees a Merger

2 responses to “#301

  1. Mmmm. Non-GMO, Certified Organic, Locavoration goodness. The entire batch will probably be required in order to stay awake through this evening’s presidential debate. Unless of course Candy Crowley has a wardrobe malfunction.

    • Edible coffee mug for the win! (Given that Bear Lawyer had previously attempted snacking on the ceramic variety, this is bigger news than you realize.)

      As for tonight’s debate, Miss Crawley has apparently promised to be more like Raddatz than Lehrer, with pointed follow-ups and stern redirections galore. Or so a bear hopes.

      Either way, BL will be watching with ‘Hooch and smartphone in paw, blasting colour(ful) commentary to the Twitterverse and Book of Faces. For reasons.

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