Bear Lawyer Cooks the Books


2 responses to “#299

  1. Best be careful. Nobody expects . . . the Spanish Inquisition (who, I’m reliably told, now subcontract for the IRS)! With a worldwide presence, they are quite excellent at obtaining fiscal confessions, retrieving assets which have been converted, and getting people to plead.

    • Sadly for the OP-aided efforts of the IRS to extract every last cent of taxable income from the oh-so-evasive Bear Lawyer, even the best efforts of the Grand Inquisitor himself are unlikely to—ahem—”Torquemada” making use of any and every trick in the U.S. Tax Code (and in other books besides) to squirrel his assets well away from covetous hands. After all, it’s in every bear’s nature to keep his or her provisions safe from rivals—doubly so for those fortunate enough to have “self-made” (via duplicity, brute force, and sheer dumb luck) their way into the higher tax brackets.

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