Bear Lawyer Checks for Imperfections

2 responses to “#297

  1. Greenbacks in hand, the vendor can hardly claim an unwilling to pay. Besides, everyone knows the annual founder’s day picnic must include gifts of pie to said founder. Happy 3rd! (Look forward to BL hitting the big #300!)

    • Doubtless, Bear Lawyer is ready and willing to pay for any and all pies which happen to find their way into his pastry-loving maw. The vendor, for his own part, is less willing to risk life and limb in the process—better to leave a hungry bear rummage through the pies at his fruit-and-pastry-addled leisure than to lose a hand in the ensuing frenzy.

      Which is to say that the vendor has likely heard of Bear Lawyer’s unexpected appearance at the 2009 Catskill Fourth of July Fair and Pie-eating Contest. It… it wasn’t pretty.

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