Bear Lawyer Offers a Surrebuttal

2 responses to “#294

  1. If Bear Lawyer can win a case for a sock puppet (#214), odds are he can eventually win an debate on the internet. Of course, on the internet it may take a few extra years (say, till the opponent runs out of money to upgrade his/her/its system or pay for a data plan).

    • While Bear Lawyer is not altogether certain that his exemplary performance in the case of New York vs. Dennis the Laundry-Dwelling Dragon—“if the sock ain’t fit (to stand trial), you must acquit!”—necessarily qualifies him to debate the un-/ill-informed masses and forum-lurking trolls of “teh Interwebz”, BL must admit that said case illustrates his innate familiarity with the ridiculous and the sublime. Or, the sublimely ridiculous.

      Either way, yes—advantage: Bear Lawyer.

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