Bear Lawyer Asserts Constructive Possession


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  1. Is that Andrew Luck? If it is, I believe he might be breaking a clause in his contract that restricts his ability to play recreational sports.

    • Pretty sure it’s just an errant Colts fan/junior associate from another firm—either way, he’s liable to land on the DL long before being slapped with League-levied fines or sanctions. Bear Lawyer plays to win, and most aggressively at that.

  2. Ah, Bear Lawyer teaching young legal beagles important lessons on the field — i.e., one must put up a good defense even when one knows one is hopelessly outclassed — you are too kind, sir, too kind. However, I am averting my eyes now lest I see the resulting accidental flying tackle or worse the shortless associate post BL claw- ripping his flags off.

    • Laws curtailing indecent exposure notwithstanding, if Bear Lawyer can play football—and litigate, and ride a scooter, and do just about everything else—sans culottes, then there’s no real reason why the above-seen associate cannot deal with having his shorts inadvertently shredded.

      Still, given that Bear Lawyer is far more focused on the football than the hapless quarterback’s flags, torn clothing should be the least of his concerns. Might just lose a hand in the tussle if he’s not careful.

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