Bear Lawyer Poses a Political Question


4 responses to “#290

  1. Is Joey from the Block drinking G&Ts instead of the gratis ale?

    • Tonic and lime, actually. Due to certain genetic predispositions which have manifested themselves amongst Joey Choo-choo’s extended family, VPOTUS prefers teatotaling to aqua vitae. Had this bear been aware of this ahead of time, he would have packed an extra tin of the Earl.

  2. Once bears have established a union, then there’ll be no problem getting you those rights. Oh, and having that union set up a superpac to run pro-Obama ads probably wouldn’t hurt the proposed bill’s chances either. Just sayin’.

    • Post-adolescent bears (sans cubs) are notoriously territorial loners, and Bear Lawyer is uniquely anti-Union, insofar as the contractually-stipulated prohibition on collective bargaining makes the hiring/firing/disposing of unpaid interns and wage-slave junior associates that much easier—the 2–3Ls especially tend not to survive more than a summer’s worth of instructive beatings and brisk coffee-marches through the deep woods—so the likelihood of BL being willing or able to arrange for the creation of, say, an “International Association of Ursine Workers” is rather slim.

      As for the formation of a PAC or the running of bear-themed ads… why give humans warning of the impending ursine revolution?

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