Bear Lawyer Develops a Future Interest


6 responses to “#289

  1. I wonder “Who” left the police box there BL. hmm.

  2. It landed there right after it jumped a shark.

  3. Since the box only lands where a Doctor is needed, one does wonder who in the glen is in such intergalactic trouble? Or, is Bear Lawyer expanding his practice?

    • The TT Type 40 Mk-3 is notoriously iffy with regards to its landings, a fact for which the computational proclivities of a quasi-sentient OS can only claim so much fault/responsibility.

      Having been given no indication of doctoral intent, let alone evidence of timey-wimey intervention, Bear Lawyer is content to accept his chance encounter with the TARDIS (and attendant fez procurement) as a rare bit of happenstance, and has admitted to having no overwhelming desire to play the fuzzy legal foil to the Doctor’s space-time shenanigans. Quite the liability/headache, those.

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