Bear Lawyer Raises a Question of Fact

10 responses to “#288

  1. Just one question, Bear Lawyer? 🙂

    • Not by a long shot. Still, most of Bear Lawyer’s conventional queries can be summarized in one expletive-accented determination of a speaker’s intended seriousness or jocularity. In other words:

      “Are you f@¢&ing kidding me?”

      • Yes. I understood before the expletive dialogue. Still, enjoyed reading it. 🙂 What a jumble of lies, no? But then we’ll get the same hoo-haw from the other side too. Bleh.

      • (Pardon the coarse language; ’twas intended less as stilted explanation than as emphasis of underlying sentiment.)

        Party conventions wouldn’t be the same without anxious base-baiting and casual dissembling from all sides, no? It’s all part and parcel of the heady atmosphere of perfumed effluvia and gilded offal—a mixture as ripe for parody as it is apt to trigger the gag reflex. Or fits of head-scratching and/or -shaking, depending on one’s established tolerance(s) for fanciful political narratives, creative accounting, and fuzzy logic.

      • LOL! The party discussions trigger my gag reflex. Thanks for the reply. 😀

  2. Ah, Bear Lawyer, your hopeful quest for truth in the political process astounds. But if you truly wish to be recognized by the chair, you are going to have to ditch your fly-fishing camo cap and don the RNC’s de rigueur tinfoil chapeau.

    • To clarify, the, erm, “borrowed” hat isn’t so much camouflaged as lightly sprinkled with the vital fluids of its previous owner, who was initially unwilling to hand said hat (and attendant convention badge) over to the sternly insistent ursine interloper.

      Notwithstanding, the recommendation of an aluminium hat-liner is duly noted, and might very well help to protect Bear Lawyer’s noggin from the overabundance of wireless signals pinging to and fro within the TBT Forum.

  3. I was struggling with the presumption of innocence when I saw the blood spatter. But I didn’t want to bring it up. Thanks for the clarification, BL.

  4. I’m sure there will be many of the same this week in Charlotte

    • Indubitably, dear Bear. Though it must needs be said that the Dems have been playing the part of passive rope salesmen to the GOP these past few years—the Republican caucus’ willful intransigence coupled with Mittens’ regrettably rightward lurch during the primaries has done the Party no favours outside the base—and will likely content themselves to sit back and watch as the GOP ticket tightens its own noose in the fall.

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