Bear Lawyer Fails to Perform


4 responses to “#280

  1. Perhaps Bear Lawyer should apply to the US Olympic Golf Team (#276*) with Betram as his caddy.

    The IOC decided to restore golf (a medal sport in 1900 & 1904) as an Olympic medal sport starting with the 2016 games. Who doesn\’t want to go Olympic in Rio?

    If they brought back Tug of War too, well, another BL gold-medal opportunity.

    • Hrm… Bear Lawyer may have some issues with his short game, but there’s no question that he could remain a contender merely by out-driving the competition… and having his landscaper/carpenter/contractor/caddy adjust the surrounding foliage as the situation requires.

      Speaking of new/restored events, any word on the three-legged race, the 100-yard egg dash, or sumo?

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