Good Readin’ 2012.5 – Nimona

Nimona © Noelle Stevenson

Spawned from the digital nib of student-artist Noelle Stevenson, the eponymous antihero of Nimona is nothing if not a self-motivated go-getter. Ambitious, resourceful, and genuinely ruthless, Nimona knows what she wants and how to get it, and heaven help those foolish enough to stand in her way. Especially once she starts in with one of her shape-shifting rampages, all sharp claws, pointy teeth, and stealthy sabotage. Bitey-bitey, stabby-stabby, ‘splodey-‘splodey. Protect yo’ neck, guards!

No, seriously. Some pretty vital goings-on in those parts. Best cover up.

In short, Nimona is cunning, capable, and casually cold-blooded—could a supervillain ask for a better sidekick?

Oddly enough, yes. Particularly if the supervillain in question is the infamous Lord Ballister Blackheart, a not-so-bad guy who wants nothing more than to expose his arch-nemesis, the valiant (and vane) Ambrosious Goldenloin, for the conniving fraud that he is. More disgruntled than megalomaniacal, Lord Blackheart may be amenable to theft, kidnapping, and blowing up a building or two (for emphasis’s sake), but razing an entire city, assassinating the king, and claiming the throne? C’mon now, Nimona! Dial it back a notch or ten. There are rules.

Fan Art: Byrnie’d, buzz-cut, and ready for action, Nimona is more fun than an exploding barrel of knife-wielding monkeys… which she could probably shape-shift into, come to think of it. Hrm… don’t give her any ideas.

Gotta love the speed, simplicity, and confidence of Ms. Stevenson’s line—and the warm colour palette. Classy.


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