Summer Vacation: Good Readin’ 2012

Greetings, faithful followers and unwitting browsers of the web! Some of you may recall that, at roughly this point last year, the wise and wonderful Bear Lawyer (salmon and tuna be upon him) granted unto those in his not-necessarily-paid employ a full week’s worth of summery vacation. Can’t work those interns too harshly, y’know? That’s how accidents happen! And, occasionally, missing persons cases. A bit awkward, those…


So, vacation it is! But have no fear—once again, Bear Lawyer has deemed it prudent to provide his returning readers (and ancillary persons besides) with a full seven five days’ worth of non-standard content as an apology of sorts for the firm’s relative laziness lack of productivity during the forthcoming workers’ holiday. In much the same way as last year, the Senior Partner (SP) has volunteered for been assigned the relatively thankless task of recommending, discoursing upon, and artistically emulating the work of a handful of web-savvy cartoonists with which you might otherwise occupy your time. Consider it a bit of creative punishment exercise for the SP, as well as a welcome break from endless droning of esoteric puns and comœdia legalis. Given that many of you have been mainlining coffee and precedent studying non-stop for your respective states’ bar examinations, such an unexpectedly non-academic pursuit should be long overdue by now, and most welcome besides.

Still, as this work is otherwise unrelated to Bear Lawyer’s current case load and attendant spin-doctoring public relations efforts, no billable hours may be logged in its execution. Furthermore, the contractually-stipulated penalties for late delivery of the above-mentioned non-standard content are exemplary, punitive, and physically painful.

Exactly why (and how) the SP was forced convinced to agree to this arrangement cannot be disclosed at this time; suffice it to say that Bear Lawyer is a rather aggressive shrewd negotiator.

In summary:

Check back every day this week—from Monday, July 23 through Saturday, July 27—for the 2012 edition of “Good Readin'”. Regular updates will resume on Tuesday, July 31.

Thomas E. Körp
Senior Partner | Bear Lawyer, LLC


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