Bear Lawyer Makes an Offer of Proof

4 responses to “#277

  1. Far Away Books

    I believe the court is well acquainted with Bear Lawyer’s unique approach to handling his case load. That being said, the court will likely reserve judgement until BL has finished the dregs of his arguement to see if it really does have bearing. (Meanwhile: “Custodial to Court Room 7! ASAP!”)

    • Heavy case load? Better get loaded! Eventually, all those motions, suits, and counter-suits just take care of themselves, usually via overworked/un(der)paid interns and associates. Huzzah for top-down project management!

  2. I believe Matlock had a similar approach to his case load. Just suck back a quart of bourbon and hope for the best.

    • Bourbon for Matlock, Scotch for Jack McCoy, fine “Irish” whiskey for Bear Lawyer—the method may be different, but the results are roughly the same. If only real-life court proceedings could be over and done with in an hour or less!

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