Bear Lawyer Interrupts the Proceedings


4 responses to “#274

  1. Ah the classic wedding low blood sugar crash after helping the groom celebrate his last night of Freedom and Independence. A couple buckets of KFC could have prevented that. Admittedly though, they may have led to other equally disruptive vocalizations / outbursts.

    • It may very well be less an issue of low blood sugar than of excessive (and continued) inebriation—knowing how emotional he can become at such meaningful occasions, Bear Lawyer had taken steps to fortify himself in the days/hours/minutes prior to the service and ceremony. Unfortunately, the whole “let’s drink until we can’t feel feelings anymore” line of attack would appear to have backfired, as BL has gone from boozily benumbed to schwastedly sentimental. Ten too many G&Ts, it would seem.

  2. Congratulations to.. somebody. 😉

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