Bear Lawyer Engages in Drug Trafficking (accidentally, of course)


2 responses to “#273

  1. You probably want to keep that away from your intern’s . . . uh, um . . . percolator.

    • Initially suspicious (yet still uncertain) of the nature of the powdery contents of the above-seen parcel, Bear Lawyer decided to brew a small batch of this strange “white roast” as a trial run. The unsuspecting interns reported its taste as both bitterly medicinal and disconcertingly analgesic, and their ensuing increase in both productivity and irritability presented a strange coëxistence of the symptoms of increased coffee consumption and of mid-afternoon caffeine withdrawal. Then there was the sudden outbreak of a dubstep-heavy dance party, plus the odd instances of heart-palpitations, fisticuffs, anxiety attacks, and, er… “inappropriate office behaviour” in the area of photocopier.

      So, yeah. Not doing that again.

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