Bear Lawyer Operates as a Private Carrier

(A follow-up of sorts to #224.)


4 responses to “#272

  1. Better go sidecar on that tuk tuk. Luggage rarely fits onto a pillion. And if BL’s guest showed up without luggage from SE Asia on a weekend turnaround ticket? Find a cafe. He’ll be a guest of airport security for quite some time.

    • Good point. Bear Lawyer assumes the presence of an over-the-shoulder carry-on, and perhaps a garment bag, all of which, in addition to his not-insubstantial passenger, would negatively affect BL’s aerodynamics and balance. Not to mention the fact that Bear Lawyer’s own sizable rump occupies the lion’s—rather, the bear’s—share of the scooter’s seat, pillion and all. Looks like it’s going to be an uncomfortably cozy ride.

  2. How did I miss this one?? Hahaha… awesome

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