Bear Lawyer is Lost in the Heat of Passion


2 responses to “#269

  1. Far Away Books

    This sort of post-series psychosis is very common among Stanley Cup attendees. Too much time in a cold ice rink combined with a sudden terrible loss tends to create these unfortunate frenzies even among the most mild-mannered of bears, in the most mild of weather. (Note the puck-shaped item in BL’s paw. Classic symptom!)

    • To the contrary, Bear Lawyer stopped pursuing Lord Stanley’s Cup after his beloved Bruins were dealt a rough defeat by the Caps, and has instead spent the remainder of the post-season wallowing in the basement-dwelling indignity of being a Chicago Cubs fan. Even so, BL’s frenzied noshing of frosted treats has far more to do with searing city temperatures than sour sport(s) fan grapes. After all, there’s always next season… even if Timmy is taking the year off to find himself… *sniffle*sob*

      Oh, who’s a bear kidding? Best get BL another cart full of chipwiches… it’s going to be a long, long summer…

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