Bear Lawyer Engages in Trial by Combat


3 responses to “#264

  1. Too many chaps have watched that moustachioed boxer in the Heineken Light commercials. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFdBK4gdYcA )One hopes Bear Lawyer’s opponent sticks to logomachy after this trouncing. Although, even in that arena BL is the apotheosis.

    • Well, if there ever was a little Heineken Light under the non-existent moustache of this would-be contender, Bear Lawyer is sure to relieve him of it with a (relatively) light blow to the body—which will likely count as BL’s summation and, after a quick count of ten, lead to a verdict in his favour.

  2. Loving some Bear Lawyer. Great posts, love the cartoon. Very cool and unique!

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