Bear Lawyer Makes a Spontaneous Exclamation


2 responses to “#252

  1. Anyone that doubts the gentle and genteel true nature of Bear Lawyer (even when excited) need only refer to his cardigan. Yes, it’s rather blue (much like BL’s language during playoffs), but look at those claws then consider the delicate nature of tiny buttons and knitwear.

    • Sadly, things don’t always go quite so well where knitwear is concerned, but Bear Lawyer has not failed to notice the merits of the Disney Princess Method following his ill-fitting cardigan kerfuffle with the bracingly apologetic/apoplectic lads at Black Fleece. Nowadays, should a bear require fine motor skill assistance with the more delicate aspects of his or her wardrobe, s/he can rest assured that sartorially-savvy critters are but a song-and-dance away.

      If only Bear Lawyer could convince his avian and rodent valets to better control their all-too-reflexive bowels whilst frittering and cavorting about in his wardrobe. Those dry-cleaning bills are getting out of hand.

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