Bear Lawyer Reduces His Burden

4 responses to “#249

  1. Hope this works out well for Bear Lawyer!

  2. Given the huge shoulder muscles peculiar to his ursine kind, I imagine Bear Lawyer need only stroll the bases after a mighty swing of the bat. And who would dream of trying to tag him as he slid into home plate!?

    • Sadly, there’s more to America’s favourite pastime than simply crushing the ball out of the park—meaning both the confines of the playing field and the surrounding greenspace (there have been quite a few complaints of cracked and broken windows from businesses along Central Park West and 5th Avenue). Bear Lawyer has the misfortune to have a strike zone the size of a city block, so he cannot afford to let his reflexes be dulled by unnecessary mass. Not to mention that fielding requires quite a bit of hustle; BL might have some sizable paws, but they’re no help if the the ball is twenty feet away.

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