Bear Lawyer Tries a Fungible Remedy


4 responses to “#246

  1. (To better approximate BL’s hyperactively-flaring synaptic experience, try playing a little Anamanaguchi in the background while staring at this panel. It’s not perfect, but it’s damned close.)

  2. That’s one fugly bushel of fungibles for Bear Lawyer, one giant leap for . . . ooo, pretty colors . . . who touched me? . . . What? . . . . Why is the den wall pulsating? . . . Auntie June? . . . Officer? . . . . Where’s my vespa? . . . And then it was like cosmic and . . . whack, thud . . . zzzz.

    • In the words of Sgt. Lou of the Springfield PD, it looks like electric yellow has gotten a hold of Bear Lawyer by his brain banana. Let’s just hope that BL comes down before the munchies kick in, otherwise there could be all sorts of trouble in store for the unwitting campers in the vicinity.

  3. Has Bear Lawyer gotten himself into a high?

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