Bear Lawyer Savours the First Robin(s) of Spring


2 responses to “#245

  1. It’s good to see Bear Lawyer is cutting back on the high-fat snacks and choosing the healthier option(s).

    • A bear cannot live on cupcakes alone. Try as one might, it inevitably leads to a wicked case of the Brimleys. Not a pretty sight, that.

      Ditto for turdus migratorius; while the North American Robin may provide a quick bite of protein every now and again, it is most times too difficult to catch unawares and too meager to justify the effort. In the main, Bear Lawyer considers songbirds to be snacks of opportunity, though he will occasionally engage in punitive eating if/when a given songbird has the gall to relieve itself on BL’s paperwork or person, or in his beverage receptacle. Such excretory aggression will not stand, and must needs be dealt with swiftly.

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