4 responses to “#242

  1. What’s the NSF charges on cuppycakes?

    • Substantial. Honestly, Bear Lawyer is afraid to look, and likely couldn’t keep his paws steady enough to enter his pin at the ATM anyway. Silly ol’ bear is positively TWEAKED on dark chocolate and mocha cupcakes, and likely won’t come down ’til he’s back in New York.

  2. I fear for the Bear Lawyer’s life (and those of other cupcake enthusiasts who might be ahead of him in line) when the new machine opens in NYC this summer! But at $4 a hit, I think I’m more concerned about Sprinkle’s invention turning Beverly Glen Park into a hangout for down and out sugar junkies.

    • Both Bear Lawyer’s dietician-veterinarian and his accountant are going to be up in arms once cupcake-dispensing ATMs invade the greater Manhattan area. Insulin manufacturers, on the other hand… now might be a good time to invest in Novo Nordisk and related pharmaceutical companies.

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