Ursus a. iurisconsultus discit publica lavantem malum prohibitum


4 responses to “#239

  1. “Bear Lawyer’s public bathing is prohibited” ?

    • Essentially, yes. Statutes in the city’s code forbid swimming and bathing in public waterways, fountains, lakes, ponds, reservoirs, etc., and it would appear as though Bear Lawyer’s readily-apparent anthropomorphism requires that he abide by said code, however counter it may run to his ursine instincts and pressing need for a mid-day scrub-down. Due deference to public decency and all that.

  2. So long as BL’s “violations” only result in being censured, reprimanded, fined, suspended, required to undergo counseling or required take continuing educational classes by the bar association. I couldn’t bear it if he were to be disbarred!

    • In this case, it was less a matter of censuring than censoring—the patrolling officers were quick to offer Bear Lawyer a towel with which to cover himself as he emerged from the Loch—as the above-depicted civil offense is easily remedied with a cursory court appearance and a sawbuck. Hardly worthy of formal reprimand, let alone disbarment, though BL will play it safe in the future by making a point to leave off of showering ’til he returns to his den in the Catskills.

      As such, apologies in advance to BL’s fellow MTA commuters, as his heady musk is apt to make the ladies (and certain olfactorily sensitive gentlemen) swoon after prolonged exposure, particularly in close confines during the warmer months. It’s quite pungent, really.

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