Bear Lawyer Cites Res Ipsa Loquitur


3 responses to “#236

  1. Since BL has stated ” his client, public television personality and popular children’s entertainer Dennis the Laundry-dwelling Dragon,” my only surprise is that BL hasn’t demanded Mr Wickingham III enage a separate legal representative. No offense to Herb, but he does seem rather, well, a tabula short of a naufragio. Are we sure he’s competent to stand trial?

    (PS. Love the handcuffs.)

    • It’s a confusing case for all parties involved, especially for Mr. Wickingham’s own legal counsel (who just so happens to be obscured by Bear Lawyer’s considerable ursine bulk) in light of the fact that Dennis the Laundry-dwelling Dragon will (one presumes) be wholly unable to provide potentially exculpatory testimony should the trial be severed. Not to mention the likelihood of Bear Lawyer insisting on an extremely literal interpretation of said severance, which may very well result in the maiming of Mr. Wickingham, who is, in all honesty, just as dumbfounded by these proceedings as his counselor.

      Worse yet, one imagines that any judge willing to accept the plausible, rational existence of an ursine attorney will by necessity grant BL’s motion. “In for a penny, in for a pound”, et cetera.

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