Bear Lawyer is in Breach of the Peace

“Wait… it’s not what you think! It’s ketchup! Honest!”

3 responses to “#234

  1. Reblogged this on yeftapessak and commented:
    so cute…Tedy..

  2. A good organic Peking Pup take-away is sooo hard to find these days.

  3. Bear Lawyer knows a guy who knows a guy in the seamier part of Chinatown, so it’s not as hard as you might think…

    Still, present circumstances found Bear Lawyer snacking on a sack full of “dogs” of the “hot” variety, all legally purchased from a street-side vendor just down the way. Harmless enough, save for the fact that BL’s inherent ursine disposition, when combined with his discomforting proximity to the dog park and the sheer volume of ketchup with which said pups had been slathered (not to mention previous well-founded complaints), led to all sorts of uncomfortable assumptions on the part of the local dog-walkers and patrolling officers.

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