Bear Lawyer Consults an Expert Witness


2 responses to “#232

  1. Groundhogs are actually excellent weather prognosticators but they tend to give bad intel to the meterologically curious who grab them by the scruff, even just once a year, and breathe maple syrup-laced questions about spring into their faces. I’m sure for Bear Lawyer’s respectful question, asked in situ, the truth will out.

    • Weather prediction is nothing if not an inexact science, one which is prone to misinterpretation, exaggeration, and drug-addled weekend binges in Miami Beach.

      It is also widely known amongst the woodland community that Punxsutawney’s resident marmota monax is little more than a well-fed charlatan, and that even non-celebrity sciuridae scryers (as seen above), what with their closer connections to Ma Nature, are batting, as it were, well below .300. Still, they can certainly spin a good long weather-related yarn for the receptive listener, and their knowledge of William James Murray anecdotes and trivia is second to none. Genuinely entertaining, if not altogether informative with regards to the relative nearness of spring.

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