Bear Lawyer Proffers a Fair Comment


2 responses to “#230

  1. Fair or not, I believe Bear Lawyer’s press card is about to get punched . . . or dragged from the venue provided the combined horsepower of electric golf carts, motorized wheelchairs, and mobility scooters can drag the body mass of a substantial ursine across the well-polished floors.

    • It was an open forum, and Bear Lawyer would have thought that his question, while harshly worded and understandably difficult to comprehend (pronounced ursine burr, idiomatic woodland epithets, etc.), would have been treated with the same level of respect (alternatively, quiet deference) as the outrageous ramblings of an aging Birther. Then again, BL had never before tried to tell a senior citizen that s/he is flat-out wrong in her/his beliefs… no to mention the circuitous route which BL then took to broaching the inherent sustainability issues of Social Security and Medicare…

      No, it’s safe to say that Bear Lawyer made no new friends in that town hall, though he was fortunate enough to make his escape before the cane-waving scooter set could fully surround him.

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