Bear Lawyer Makes a Generous Contribution

2 responses to “#225

  1. A good clinic could probably help Bear Lawyer break free of his addiction (to political news) before his liver failed. On the other hand, a Year of The Dragon presidential election cycle? Pass the syllabub!

    • Blessed with a liver of cast iron, Bear Lawyer’s sheer size and robust constitution easily afford him the ability to keep his spirits bright and flowing during the bleak midwinter—which, admittedly, is not-so-bleak in these northeastern United States at the present, at least not as yet—and he will doubtless imbibe many a posset and hot toddy to ward off the occasional evening chill. And to help take the edge off of the blatant pandering and cognitive dissonance which these primary candidates so casually effuse.

      Even so, BL understands your concern for his well-being, and thanks you accordingly. Woe betide the nation whose citizens are driven to the bottle as a result of becoming politically informed!

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