Daily Archives: January 5, 2012


Bear Lawyer Releases a Counterpart

While it’s neither widely-known nor well-publicized as such, Bear Lawyer, LLC started out as something of an inside joke. The abridged version being that a good friend and former college roommate—whose burly physique and ursine temperament (i.e., best not disturbed whilst snacking or napping) had earned him the nickname “Bear” whilst studying abroad—was in danger of missing out on a somewhat-annual social gathering due to his required attendance at an ABA conference in the District. This prompted the suggestion that he simply put a necktie on a bear and send it in his place, as no one would be able to tell the difference anyway. One hastily-sketched post-it note doodle later, and Bear Lawyer was born.

And so it is with mixed feelings of pride and sadness that Bear Lawyer recognizes and bids a fond farewell to this stalwart attorney and unwitting doppelgänger as he travels halfway around the world in pursuit of fame, fortune, and international disputes worthy of arbitration. Godspeed, good Bear. Try not to maul (too m)any innocent bystanders.