Bear Lawyer Receives Fair Warning

6 responses to “#219

  1. Luckily, Bear Lawyer only has to contend with numinous snowflakes and other acts of meterological beauty. The droppings of 2000 ravens . . . well, that’s a different story.

    • Waste management is most certainly not in Bear Lawyer’s bailiwick; that’s what interns are for.

      Still, for as clever as those cawing corvids claim to be, one would think that they would at least have the courtesy to do their business outdoors. Or use the privy.

  2. Does this mean that Bear Lawyer has given up hope of live with that cute panda in the zoo? 😦

  3. I meant “love with that cute panda”

    • Perish the thought! While Bear Lawyer’s ardent affection for his panda paramour is as-yet unrequited—and confounded by foreign policy concerns besides—he has absolutely no plans to swear any oaths of celibacy during his visit with the Black Brothers.

  4. That’s a relief.

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