Bear Lawyer Issues a Cease & Desist


2 responses to “#218

  1. The “New of the World” phone-hacking scandal pales in comparison! But the scope of Claus activity being worldwide, perhaps Bear Lawyer should be taking his case before the Hague Tribunal? One could almost consider the North Pole a rogue state at this point.

    • Not to stoke the fires of the Internet’s innumerable conspiracy theorists, but given the fact that Santa’s Little Helpers are plausibly deniable expert contractors with NATO’s respective intelligence services—plus limited license to assist non-member states in the identification and apprehension of high-level Naughty List-ers—the likelihood of Bear Lawyer’s C&D sticking is negligible. It would be a Christmas Miracle indeed if the SLH was kept at bay through the weekend.

      Really, BL should be relieved that Claus hasn’t called in the KRMPU-S (Kringle Reconnaissance and Militarized Patrol Unit, Seasonal) and their infamous elfin chief, Père Fouettard, whose enhanced interrogation techniques (the “licorice whip” and “ginger snap” in particular) make an extraordinary rendition to a Turkish prison seem like a weekend getaway to a ritzy sanitarium.

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