Bear Lawyer is Under Surveillance

(Indeed, Bear Lawyer’s tumultuous history with the CEO of Claus Industries is fairly well-documented: #25, #121, #214.)


2 responses to “#217

  1. Are we sure the surveillance is to confirm naughtiness and not niceness?

    Perhaps Claus Industries noted Bear Lawyer on Santa’s lap (#214) and suspect a Naughty List-ing error, which can happen when the elves become a little pressed at the end of the year (and ok, when they hit the sugar plums too hard).

    • Despite its being settled favourably for all parties out of court, the Intelligence Division at the North Pole would appear to be holding some sort of grudge against Bear Lawyer for his involvement in the case of Rudolph, H.T. Elf, Misfit Toys, Bumble S. Mann, et al v. Claus Industries. Lord knows why; BL himself was roped into signing a non-disclosure agreement as part of the settlement, and it’s impossible to say with certainty that the added yuletide monitoring of BL’s behaviour was ordered by St. Nick himself or by one of his surlier antlered subordinates. Still, nary a day has passed since late November when Bear Lawyer has not found himself with a peppermint-scented shadow in tow, and his attempts at filing trespassing and harassment charges have been near-worthless. (It seems that intelligence-gathering activities of Claus Industries have some sort of protection under Title II of the USA PATRIOT Act.)

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