Bear Lawyer Discourages Vigilante Justice


4 responses to “#216

  1. Raising up a target in the midst of an armed and agitated sleuth of Ursi-Americans so all can see it discourages the shooting/clawing/nibbling upon of said target?

    • More like high-tailing it up the nearest sizable tree, then unceremoniously hauling a laggard hunter up by the scruff of his neck (alternatively, the hood of his parka). Truly, Bear Lawyer had planned for a swift and silent sleuthing through the woods to safe haven, but it would appear that his u. americanus cohorts would rather go all Battle of Endor on their would-be aggressors. Call it the “Ursine Fall” if you will; all BL knows is that things have gotten way out of hand, and limiting casualties for both sides is proving to be a bit difficult.

  2. Excellent tree positioning of BL, by the way. He looks very graceful. And the bear in the huntsman’s hat examining his glasses as the others stare at the huntsman is priceless.

    • Such apparent grace was hard to come by, as the ursus arctos iurisconsultus, being naturally burly, is ill-disposed to climbing, and those trees capable of supporting its bulk are few and far between.

      The ursus americanus, on the other paw, is an extremely adept climber, albeit relatively uncouth and easily distracted—as evidenced by the be-hatted bruin’s fascination with his newly-acquired spectacles. Which is somewhat understandable, as they are both shiny and reflective. Still, Bear Lawyer and the hunter can only hope that these riotous bears will soon lose interest and move on, particularly before that newly-armed bear learns how to properly wield her BAR.

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