Bear Lawyer Waits in Expectancy of Thanksgiving Leftovers


6 responses to “#212

  1. Oh, Bear Lawyer!

    • Bear Lawyer is renowned both for his gastronomical prowess—manifest in his inability to turn down second helpings, proffered or otherwise—and for his loose appreciation for personal/proprietary boundaries. Just so: having completely exhausted his own twelve-course Thanksgiving feast in the early afternoon, BL thought it prudent to visit a neighbouring development or two in search of additional munchings and crunchings (and, hopefully, stuffing with gravy). For a bear who thinks primarily with his stomach, never let it be said that Bear Lawyer is not resourceful and—ahem—canny.

  2. T-Day is all about the sharing. Some neighborly bin diving is entirely appropriate to the season. Go forth and . . . consume, Bear Lawyer!

  3. I like that Bear Lawyer can and will indulge in Thanksgiving with relish (well, not actual relish) and not worry about “dieting” for the holiday, a pointless exercise in my mind.

    • Being both naturally heavy-set and biologically prone to retaining weight, Bear Lawyer sees nothing wrong with going back for seconds… and thirds… likely fourths… and then helping himself to his neighbours’ discarded remainders over the course of the week(end), preferably with lots of gravy.

      As the saying goes, “Waste not, want not!”

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