Bear Lawyer Issues a Correction


3 responses to “#211

  1. One finds Bear Lawyer’s willingness to act as emendator of The Pledge refreshing. But I hope he brought tongs to go with that hammer. . . . And an anvil . . . . And maybe some molten lead?

    • The tongs and anvil would appear to be most unnecessary, given Grover-babe’s soft, doughy appearance—no, Bear Lawyer imagines that he will be quite malleable (and amenable to opposing viewpoints) after a few quick taps.

      (And, really, molten lead? Bear Lawyer is no metallurgist, but, given his choice of pliant metals, he would much rather work with a markedly more durable alloy like bronze. In either case, BL would not waste his time smithing and crafting a piece of ursine folk art for Mr. Norquist, as he doubts that the curmudgeonly tax-reform lobbyist would appreciate it.)

  2. I was thinking a stylish pair of lead boots. Only as a last resort, of course.

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