Bear Lawyer Cracks the Case


2 responses to “#210

  1. The sign does say Free in much larger letters than Ask. It’s use of one’s own best judgement as to interpretation. Bear Lawyer is leaving the smaller (stale-ish) samples that fit so well in human maws in the basket while helping himself to a more proportionate, larger (fresher) sample.

    This is good for the shop as they want to present their best work to a more substantial consumer who is likely to give them repeat business, as well a substantial orders for holiday office parties. Although, I do feel Bear Lawyer’s reach has extended beyond their glass and some small recompense is in order.

    Now where are those Esterhazy Torte and Spekkoek recipes Gran left me?

    • Erm… about those “smaller (stale-ish) samples”… Bear Lawyer may or may not have already helped himself to the contents of the basket, which may or may not have been intended as free samples. It’s difficult to say, really; the signage is altogether vague.

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