Bear Lawyer Addresses a Private Nuisance

Really, Bear Lawyer hasn’t had much luck with live-action role-players in the past, so his scarcely-contained outrage upon finding two mythic trespassers waging dread combat in his own (admittedly expansive) backyard is somewhat to be expected. Best check yo’self before you wreck yo’self, Doväkiin.

4 responses to “#209

  1. Obviously these two are not aware the Bear in mythology (and life) is considered the apex predator. As the recent discovery of Agriotherium africanum’s bite strength only serves to confirm – http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/15559929. Let’s hope the LARPers here don’t mistake Bear Lawyer’s deadly claws up pose for a paws up surrender!

    • Hopefully, the self-proclaimed “dragonborn” will recognize Bear Lawyer’s fully-reared posture, menacing growls, and bared teeth as the mortal threats they are intended to be, given that BL is this close to going Dire Grizzly on the invading LARPer’s rear end, and the only saving throw he’ll be likely to receive will be a bum’s rush across BL’s property line.

      As for the big, fire-breathing lizard… Bear Lawyer is willing to let him/her/it (difficult to tell, awkward to ask) fly off on his/her/its own, what with his/her/its likely status as an endangered and/or prohibited species and all. No need to run afoul of the Lacey Act of 1900. Or receive third degree burns.

  2. Note to BL’s scribe: Excellent expression on the endangered species, as well great positioning that gives the scene real drama and yet the wealth of sinuous lines retains the fluidity of serpentine motions. That much action in a small space is tough to pull off. Kudos!

    • Given the sedentary nature of his profession, Bear Lawyer’s low-impact legal exploits rarely provide the Senior Partner with cause to really stretch his creative muscles, let alone the necessary room in which to do so. As such, whenever the opportunity infrequently presents itself—as in the above double-high panel—attention must needs be paid to the finer details and to the greater illustrative possibilities which they afford. That they are then worthy of remark makes such added efforts all the more rewarding.

      (Which is to say, “thank you!”)

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