Bear Lawyer Requires Lateral Support

(Please note that this is hardly the first time that Bear Lawyer has made things uncomfortable for a fellow MTA passenger.)

6 responses to “#208

  1. Perhaps the fellow passenger is less upset about the fur and claws than the abutting satchel’s placement combined with the hug?

    • It’s barely a half-hug, really—and despite appearances of personal misconduct, Bear Lawyer is only attempting to steady himself as the train approaches and leaves the station. And, if anything, the fellow passenger might appreciate the added barrier provided by the satchel. “Leaving room for the Holy Spirit” and all that.

      Honestly, though, BL has a hard time understanding why everyone is always so freaked out by unannounced/unwanted ursine contact on the subway, as he imagines that the added warmth would be most welcome in the autumn and winter. Clash of cultures, mayhaps?

  2. I’d take half of a bear hug any day on the NYC subway over standing/sitting next to some of the people who are on the trains during rush hour. Is Bear Lawyer on the 6? (Might not be, since otherwise we’d only see BL’s ears.)

    I left NYC last year but recall vividly my Days of the Subway.

    • The self-stabilizing subway half-hug has been met with mixed responses in the past—pepper spray and screaming on one end, an awkwardly prolonged cuddle on the other—so Bear Lawyer makes certain to test the waters with a yawning stretch before bringing it in for the real deal. No need to cause a scene in such crowded quarters, especially since the MTA is uncomfortable enough as it is without allegations of harassment or attempted assault being brought into the mix.

      While it is difficult to say with certainty on which line this present showing of strategic/platonic ursine affection occurred, BL’s usual route into the city involves haphazardly puttering down from the Catskills on his trusty scooter (see: #66, #131, #149, #202), then taking the 1 at Van Cortlandt Park/242nd St. to 59th St./Columbus Circle, and hoofing it from there to the (somewhat) secluded Central Park satellite offices of Bear Lawyer, LLC.

  3. The 1! I was close.

    I admire Bear Lawyer’s fortitude for his commute each day, that is for sure.

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