Bear Lawyer is a Survivor


4 responses to “#207

  1. Bear Lawyer’s heroic efforts should be rewarded with a spa getaway, although I believe the snickering raccoons in the surrounding thickets may have something else planned for BL (and his brown trout).

    • Come to think on it, it’s been nearly a year now since Bear Lawyer last took a schvitz. After his extended week of roughing it in the woods, odds are that our humble(d) ursine attorney would like nothing more than a nice, long soak. And some quality sashimi. And a respite from those damned raccoons.

  2. Stay warm, Bear Lawyer! Or hibernate! Or move to Arizona!

    • Though his pictorially documented exploits would make him appear anything but, Bear Lawyer is kept quite busy by the demands of his practice—not to mention secondary pursuits like apiculture—to the point where hibernation is scarcely an option. Yeah… lots of caffeine in the winter months.

      As for relocating to Arizona… Bear Lawyer’s previous visit to the Copper State was not altogether pleasant, milder winter temperatures notwithstanding. Turns out that the local officials didn’t take too kindly to BL as a potential “illegal” (ursus a. iurisconsultus being far from native to the American Southwest).

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