Dear Sirs and Madams,

As a result of recent inclement weather in these Northeastern United States, the offices of Bear Lawyer, LLC are presently experiencing technical difficulties, in particular a lack of electrical power and, subsequently, a lack of in-office Internet access. Despite the exceptionally vocal complaints and “motivational encouragements” (read: savage beatings) from our beloved ursine esquire, the local utility company remains intransigent, and the Senior Partner must regrettably announce that there will be no update for Tuesday, November 1, 2011.

Services should hopefully resume by Thursday, November 3, 2011, but, given the loose timetable for repairs provided by the local utility, neither Bear Lawyer nor the Senior Partner are comfortable making any definite declarations as such.

If you are so inclined, and have not yet done so, feel free to subscribe to the Bear Lawyer, LLC blog for email notification of future updates (see “Official Summons” in the sidebar at right).

Thank you, and good day.

Thomas E. Körp
Senior Partner | Bear Lawyer, LLC


4 responses to “BE ADVISED

  1. Hang tight, BL! Don’t get discouraged and start winter hibernation ahead of schedule.

    • Between the darkness and the cold, there was little else to do but nap and forage for victuals, the latter being much harder to come by in the wild than one would normally expect. Then again, Bear Lawyer was raised in the circus, so his skill set—bipedal gait, ability to balance on a motorbike, empathy for humans, etc.—is hardly suitable for “roughing it” in the Catskills.

  2. Flood, earthquake, hurricane, blizzard?
    Bear Lawyer’s upset right down to his gizzard!
    With remedies few,
    What can a bear to do!?
    Perhaps he should summon a wizard?

    Failing that, a large pot of Earl Grey with a big splash of O’Hooch and maybe an appeal to a saint.

    Try St Mark, patron of lawyers and those held captive. One assumes ‘captive due to their lack of electricity’ counts.

    • In Bear Lawyer’s experience, the wizard is usually the person who did it in the first place. No help there, sadly.

      As for the hot toddies, they were quite numerous during the first few hours of the outage, so much so that Bear Lawyer had quickly exhausted his emergency supply of the ‘Hooch by mid-week. Conditions on the ground deteriorated quickly after that, and while Bear Lawyer has no reason to doubt the usefulness of prayer, he does not believe that an appeal to St. Mark (that ill-fated patron of barristers) on such a pedestrian matter as BL’s domestic comfort would have been met with a favourable ruling.

      Besides, such transient suffering builds character… and helps certain portly bears to shed a few unnecessary pounds.

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