Bear Lawyer Dismisses a Petition


4 responses to “#206

  1. Alas, when a reader is so intelligent there is no room for cognitive estrangement, the willing suspension of disbelief is difficult to attain. Fortunately, Bear Lawyer keeps his reading chair fireside making the recycling of logic-offending material into useful den-warming energy a simple affair.

    • Bear Lawyer is more than willing to suspend his disbelief in service of entertaining fiction—he is a Cubs fan, after all—but Mrs. Collins’ attempts at world-building are slapdash at best, and are regularly devoid of plausibility and a larger sense of history. Both of which are pardonable offenses in the case of short stories, but they make for glaring imperfections in the warp and weft of a trilogy. Worse yet is the mind-numbing banality of the first-person narration, with the bulk of the novels spent artlessly being talked at by the (understandably traumatized) Ms. Everdeen. As many a professor of English and Creative Writing have intoned over the years: show, don’t tell!

      (Such complaints aside, Bear Lawyer would never go so far as to burn a tome he initially deemed lackluster, its caloric value being minimal at best and its potential for added value upon rereading being difficult to quantify.)

  2. Bear Lawyer is way too smart for a bear.

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