Bear Lawyer Fashions a Reasonable Likeness

The question, then, is of whom? Feel free to submit suggestions for the finished jack-o-lantern, which will (in all likelihood) appear in the Hallowe’en edition of Bear Lawyer.


7 responses to “#205

  1. hahaha, 311…I love it! This made my day!

    • Bear Lawyer counsels like this, he litigates like that, but all those comparisons are just that: wry allusions to pop-cultural phenomenon which may or may not resonate with his target audience of juris doctors, paralegals, law students, politicians, and legal professionals.

  2. Ah, Bear Lawyer, so multi-talented with those claws.
    Perhaps Stephen Colbert? Just to keep the fear alive? And think of the fun Bear Lawyer and glen of his friends could have with it post hoc! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToK_xPUntVY

    • While Bear Lawyer is loathe to provide Mr. Colbert with any additional material with which to casually vilify bearkind, the thought of eating his delicious, pumpkin-flavoured face (in effigy) is incredibly appealing.

  3. Perhaps whomever he is planning on voting for in the 2012 presidential race? 😉

    • Which is not likely to be anyone from the GOP, given their close ties to the NRA and eagerness to draft legislation restricting a sow’s right to eat her own young, not to mention the casual dismissal of climate change and the constant denigration of the EPA.

  4. I love Bear Lawyer even more now. Pumpkin-spiced coffee, carving pumpkins (and doesn’t have to use a shabby kitchen knife), not voting for people in the GOP, 311 references…


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