Bear Lawyer Declares Occupancy


2 responses to “#201

  1. If one is to turn out, one should be properly turned out. It is in trying times such as these that appropriate neckware is all that stands between orderly protest and rabble gone riotous. Beau Brummel would, I think, recommend the use of the Mailcoach Tie in a dapper French ultramarine linen (or the same in white muslin if protesting after 5).

    • Bear Lawyer is no dandy, and while he can appreciate Mr. Brummel’s contributions to men’s fashion (and hygiene), the hapless fop’s profligacy and eventual dissolution give lie to the idiom that the clothes make the man, and that quality of character can be acquired as easily as a cut of cloth. Spending eight hundred pounds sterling per annum (c. late 18th – early 19th century) may make for an excellent wardrobe, but BL would argue that bargain hunting and a tight purse, while considerably less fashionable, are far more fiscally sound.

      (Granted, Bear Lawyer operates casually sans-culottes, so his den’s worth of neckties, collars, and other such adornments is relatively easy to budget by comparison to your typical fully-clothed coxcomb. But still.)

      As for the mail-coach, give it a few weeks to a month for the weather to turn fully autumnal, and Bear Lawyer will be rocking his scarves with the best of them. Whether the proletariat occupation of Wall Street survives the change in seasons is another thing entirely.

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