Bear Lawyer Makes a Poor First Impression

2 responses to “#200

  1. Happy 200th, Bear Lawyer!

    BL may want to wear his Wellies to any celebratory activities. Concrete removal often involves shaving off the compromised outer guard hairs, which leaves underfur exposed for all to see. Still, that’s preferable to losing it all: http://thewholegardenwillbow.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/img001862.jpg

    • That is definitely not a look which Bear Lawyer plans to sport, ever. Good gravy.

      Luckily, Bear Lawyer was able to hop a nearby fence and soak his as-yet-malleable concrete boots in a local resident’s hot tub—in which case one hopes that the owner realizes the necessity of Bear Lawyer’s actions and refuses to file charges, particularly since BL has promised to pay for any and all necessary repairs to the concrete- and fur-clogged pump, filter, and jets of said hot tub.

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