Bear Lawyer Concedes a Case of Mistaken Identity


4 responses to “#198

  1. Back from Darkest Peru?

    • Sadly, Bear Lawyer has never been to Peru, though he has heard many a tale of the stunning vistas of Machu Pichu, the mysterious geoglyphs of the Nazca desert, and the erudite hospitality of the spectacled bears, whose haunting zampoñas and evocative charangos serve the dual purpose of mourning the tragic history of the Andean peoples in the wake of the conquistadors as well as celebrating their present cultural diversity.

      ‘Tis a beautiful country, surely, and BL can only hope to experience it first-hand one day… particularly the famed regional dishes like pachamanca and ceviche. A bear cannot live on marmalade and cocoa alone, you know.

  2. Well, Bear Lawyer is indeed a very polite spectacled bear who is known to try so hard to get things right. But will BL sign the autograph and smile? Or would that be imp’ursine’ation? Love the claw-friendly Wellies.

    • The claw-abiding Wellingtons were rather a happy accident, as the accommodating slits in their vulcanized rubber were formed near-immediately after their initial wearing—which is somewhat counter-productive, given that whatever comfort Bear Lawyer derives from unencumbered foot-claws is surely diminished by the inevitable dampness of his paws. Squish squish and all that.

      As for the expectant child, his parents (presently off-panel) quickly whisked him away in fright as BL leaned in with a somewhat savage-looking grin to approvingly ruffle the young’un’s hair. Bear Lawyer’s relations with humans may be fraught with perilous misunderstandings (case in point), but he takes no shortage of comfort from their near-universal childhood affinity for the plush emissaries of bearkind.

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