Bear Lawyer is a Victim of Discrimination


3 responses to “#197

  1. Outrageous! As if Bear Lawyer, with his refined palate, could even eat $50 worth of such food. No. 1 Chinese Buffet aside, I suggest a call to a Dept of Health & Mental Hygiene inspector. Max’s should have their rating in the window, not their bigotry. (And it’s a $1,000 fine for failure to comply!)

    • Quite to the contrary, Bear Lawyer’s palette is refined to the paradoxical point where it refuses to discriminate against any victual, whether it be a painstaking product of haute cuisine served on fine china and white linen or a flash-fried slab of week-old reconstituted mystery-meat scraped from the bottom of a fetid urban dumpster.

      While the savoury churrasco is indeed a far cry from the delicate flavours of Japanese cuisine and the evocative experimentalism of such culinary luminaries as Grant Achatz, Bear Lawyer is hardly above cramming as many bacon-wrapped filets and slabs of Picanha as he can fit in his all-too-accommodating maw, and he is certainly loathe to turn down any restaurateur’s foolish promise of an all-you-can-eat meal. Particularly since $50.00 is most assuredly a steal when it comes to sating our humble ursine attorney’s boundless appetite—a lesson which the owners of the since-defunct No.1 Chinese Buffet had learned the hard way.

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