Bear Lawyer Issues a Caveat Venator

They have a history, these two (See Also: #15, #111).


6 responses to “#196

  1. Looking at #15 shows how much your drawing have improved…

  2. Pardon… how much your drawing skills have improved…

    • Chalk it up to equal parts comfort with one’s tools and knowledge of one’s subject. Bear Lawyer’s legal exploits were originally chronicled on a roughly-sketched (and later digitally coloured) post-it note, with early, all-digital episodes suffering from the artist’s relative inexperience with a Wacom tablet and its slickness vis-à-vis traditional pen-and-paper illustration, as well as the evolving character and form of BL himself, from scruffy woodland-dweller to dapper ursine-at-law. Hence the transition from short, hasty lines to smooth, bold strokes.

      Compound that up with nearly two years of learn-as-you-go procedural skills (e.g., improved use of layers, brushes, textures, and blending effects) and a desire for more detailed panels, and you have the Bear Lawyer that we all know and love (or genially tolerate) today.

  3. Looks like you got him!

  4. Since his earliest run-in with The Hunter, Bear Lawyer has certainly perfected his camo paint technique. The upgrade to a serious camo flack jacket, with additional camo mesh netting BL carries as a scarf, was critical. Perhaps an Rx-appropriate pair of CamoVision glasses might be a next step in BL’s overall safety?

    Other than the obvious mano a garra re-negotiation.

    • To give credit where credit is due, Bear Lawyer had been devoting a goodly amount of time to the respective works of David Morrell, Richard Connell, and Hideo Kojima (plus a little bit of Predator(s)) in advance of this year’s hunt. That, and both BL’s plate carrier and shemagh have pulled double-duty at the semi-annual Inter-Firm Paintball Skirmish & BBQ (as seen in #89), not to mention the frequent wilderness survival weekends which BL “hosts” for his “interns”. Preparation is key, after all.

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