Bear Lawyer Receives Service by Mail


2 responses to “#195

  1. There may be a legal requirement to give equal time / invitations to the other candidates, such as the Jubjub bird, and the frumious Bandersnatch. Should the party expand, just make sure that beautiful new patri(p)ot doesn’t get damaged by a contentiously flung crumpet.

    • Bear Lawyer fully intends to invite Mr. Blitzer to referee the affair—or, failing that, Anderson “Silver Fox” Cooper to dazzle the rancorous candidates with his baby blues and disarm them with his genial wit.

      And fairness doctrine be damned. Any broken pieces of patriotic crockery with be unceremoniously crammed (sideways) into the nearest available orifice of the person responsible for their ruin.

      (With that in mind, BL should probably draft a thorough waiver in advance of the event. For safety’s sake.)

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