Bear Lawyer Assesses His Inventory


4 responses to “#194

  1. It’s nice to see that after the earthquake and flood Bear Lawyer’s insurance agent and FEMA liaison acted quickly enough to issue him funds to cover his Fall essentials: a modicum of food and drink, a simple sofa bed, and a small flat screen with NFL Sunday Ticket Package. It reaffirms one’s faith in . . . Bear Lawyer’s ability to get his clients prompt and full satisfaction.

    Great tie! Go Bears!

    • While his office-glen was well-flooded in the wake of Irene, Bear Lawyer was truly fortunate that his humble den (which sits at a substantially higher elevation) was spared the worst of both the hurricane’s deluge and the preceding temblor. Solid construction, indeed!

      Granted, there was minor damage to picture frames and unsecured cabinetry, not to mention the unfortunate loss of an octogenarian bottle of the ‘Hooch—none of which was covered under the den-owner’s policy—but such small-scale tragedies cannot distract BL from the return of football season and the gut-busting promise of its cornucopia of high-calorie delights.

  2. Glad Bear likes Bears.

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