Bear Lawyer Has Insufficient Gravamen


2 responses to “#191

  1. While I would aver that Bear Lawyer’s knot-tying skills are proven highly effective, perhaps he should avoid REI Seattle’s Climbing Pinnacle until he finds a belayer with stronger calloused man-hands and biggish grippy feet? Stay safe BL!

    • Credit for the quality knots goes to Bear Lawyer’s present climbing partner, who also happens to bear (no pun intended) the responsibility for failing to secure the belay line to the floor—an added precaution which likely would have proven beneficial in the present scenario, given the roughly half-ton weight differential between Bear Lawyer and the belayer.

      Still, the fault for the fall is mutual, as there were a pawful of communication errors leading up the present point of awkward suspension. BL’s English is heavily accented with a pronounced ursine burr, and most often comes across as little more than a pantomime-accentuated mess of garbled grunts and muted roars, the actual meaning of which is vague at best, particularly when requesting added slack, or the removal thereof.

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